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Rehabilitation of Unstable RS Wall
using Soil Nailing

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Gabion Wall

Erosion Protection

Erosion Protection

Deepest Nailed Wall for National Highway
0 m
Slope stabilisation for mining work at Orissa
0 m
Longest Nailed Wall for National Highway
0 Km


We have successfully constructed the deepest vertical soil nailed wall in India for NHAI.

Our Offerings

As a trusted Geotech Engineering company, we are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients’ Geotech engineering needs.

Earth Retention

Earth retention is a construction technique used to stabilize soil or rock and prevent it from collapsing or sliding. We offer:

Erosion Control

Erosion control involves methods to prevent soil loss, such as vegetation, retaining walls, and erosion control blankets. We offer:

Ground Improvement

It refers to techniques to modify soil properties to increase its bearing capacity and stability and reduce settlement in construction.

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